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A Look at Popular Features for Bathroom Remodels

bathroom remodel santa claraOver the last few decades, the typical bathroom remodel has changed a lot. Once upon a time, putting up wallpaper and adding a new bathtub or sink to a bathroom was considered a complete overhaul. But today, you can do so much more during a bathroom remodel in Santa Clara. Check out some of the most popular features available for those doing a bathroom remodel in 2015.

Natural Stone Countertops

While many older bathrooms feature countertops made out of cheap materials, the countertops that are installed in newer bathrooms feature the same materials used in many kitchens. From granite to quartz to marble, homeowners have collectively decided that natural stone is the way to go when it comes to bathroom remodels. You will have no shortage of countertop options when it’s time to pick one out.

His and Hers Sinks

Sharing a sink with a spouse or kids every morning can present a huge problem for many homeowners. So rather than install a single sink, many of them are installing double sinks in bathrooms. If you find that you could benefit from having a second sink, it’s a good idea to incorporate one into your bathroom remodel.

Frameless Showers

Do you have a small bathroom? Adding a frameless shower is something that can be done during a small bathroom remodeling job to make the space appear larger. Without the frame, your shower will make your entire bathroom appear to be larger than it actually is. There are also many bathtub options if you choose to go that route, and you should think long and hard about which showerhead you want to install since there are many different choices on the market today.

Heated Floors

Taking a nice, hot shower and then stepping on to a freezing cold floor can be an awful experience. You can prevent it from happening by installing heated floors that will keep your feet warm at all times. A bathroom remodel will provide you with the perfect reason to look into installing heated floors.

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