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A Look at Popular Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen renovations provide individuals with a great method of updating their interiors and improving the function of this all-important part of the home. Are you planning to start a kitchen remodel near Santa Clara? If so, then continue reading to learn about some of today’s most popular kitchen layouts. kitchen - layouts


If you frequently find yourself shooing others out of the kitchen while you’re trying to work, then an L-shape kitchen layout could be ideal for your needs. With this type of design, excess traffic is kept out of the kitchen workspace. To allow for more interaction between cooks and guests, this style can be modified to incorporate a kitchen island.

Appliance Triangle

While you may not think about it when using your kitchen, they layout of the appliances can affect how comfortable, safe, and efficient it is to cook in the space. For this reason, experts often advise homeowners to incorporate a functional work triangle into the design for their kitchen remodel. By strategically placing your sink, refrigerator, and cooktop, you can create a kitchen layout that promotes good work flow.

Galley Style

Do you feel like your current kitchen is too cramped or want to get more use out of the small space that you have? If so, then you could benefit from choosing a corridor or galley style kitchen layout. In this type of design, the kitchen has 2 straight runs on either side of the traffic flow. Many homeowners choose to install a kitchen island as part of this design to make up for lost food prep or storage space.

Zone Layout

For households that have busy kitchens and more than 1 cook, the zone layout can be an ideal choice for a kitchen remodel. With this design, separate work stations are created to make a zone for each different task. By creating areas for cooking, prepping, eating, and cleaning, this type of kitchen layout allows for multiple people to use the kitchen at the same time.