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Building Water Efficiency from the Ground Up

In California, the need for water conservation has reached critical levels. With four years and counting of drought, tough new laws are in place to reduce home water usage and protect the state’s supply. The good news is that whether you’re building a new home or are interested in remodeling, many of the construction choices you make can reduce your water use. For instance, during a bathroom remodel, you can replace your toilet, faucets, and showerhead with more efficient models, or make a water-conserving dishwasher part of your kitchen remodel. Learn more about the marriage of water conservation and construction in this infographic from Fischer Construction & Design. If you’re interested in home improvement near Santa Clara, from living room additions to bathroom renovations, let our experts help make your vision come to life. Please share this infographic with your friends and neighbors to help spread the word about water conservation options for homeowners. Building Water Efficiency Infographic