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Touring Some Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends

When you start making kitchen renovations in your Santa Clara home, you may start with your kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are one of the first parts of a kitchen guests will see. To give you some design inspiration, here are a few popular ways to make your cabinets pop and have your guests begging for the number to your remodeling company.


Keep the Kitchen Light

No matter the size of your kitchen, you can make it seem bigger and more open by installing white and light-colored cabinets. White and off-white colors will keep the shadows typically created by dark colors at bay. You may also like open cabinetry or glass doors. This style opens up your kitchen cabinets for the world to see. If you want accents of color here and there, you can purchase colored dishware or customize the knobs and buttons on various appliances with colored versions.

Make the Kitchen Efficient

Take advantage of your cabinet space, or lack of countertop space, and make your kitchen cabinets efficient appliance holders. In addition to holding dishes, many cabinets can be customized or designed with specific placeholders built into them. For example, you may have a cabinet with a Lazy Susan built in, but you can also have a small shelf for your thin cookie sheets and cutting boards. Instead of those awkward, empty corners sometimes found in some kitchens, you may order a custom cabinet that can hold other kitchen utensils and pans.

Mismatch the Kitchen Cabinets

Individuality has become this generation’s anthem, and it does not have to stop with the kitchen. There is nothing saying your island cabinets need to match your overhead cabinets. Even if you choose a few different styles or colors, your kitchen can still look complete. Try to keep something consistent, such as the same style with different colors or vice versa, and have fun mismatching the rest of the kitchen. Show off your individuality in one of the most unlikely of places.