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Ideas for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Are you looking to do a bathroom remodel in Santa Clara for your small bathroom? Fortunately, there are plenty of bathroom remodeling ideas that work for small bathroom renovations. Keep reading to learn more about a small bathroom remodel to make it a more useable space for you and your family.


Make Room for Mirrors

When it comes to doing a bathroom remodel, mirrors should be one of your main focuses. Small bathrooms can generally benefit from large mirrors that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. You may also consider placing decorative mirrors in unexpected places to create an expanded feeling in your bathroom.

Think About Lighting

Lighting is a very important factor in small bathrooms. Increasing the amount of natural lighting in your bathroom can make it feel more comfortable and spacious. One way to do this is to place mirrors in strategic locations to reflect natural light. This will create the illusion of additional space so that your cramped bathroom feels larger than it is.

Choose Light Colors

Light colors can also create the illusion of additional space in a smaller bathroom. Fortunately, earth tones such as beige, sand, and sky blue are particularly trendy at the moment. Using these natural colors as the hue of focus in your small bathroom can make it feel more spacious and airy if you lack other sources of natural light.

Take Advantage of Your Space

Do you have a bath tub that is rarely used in your apartment? Or perhaps you have cabinets that do not provide enough storage space. Take advantage of your bathroom area by replacing old unused tubs with modern glass shower cabins. You can also increase your storage space with modern bathroom cabinets, making your bathroom more functional and attractive. In-shower shelving and seating options are another option for updating the look and feel of your bathroom and making it more attractive to potential home buyers.