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Designing Your New Bathroom with Safety in Mind

Bathroom renovations give homeowners the opportunity to create a space that they love, but ensuring people’s safety is important in this part of the home. Are you planning a bathroom remodel in Santa Clara? If so, then continue reading for tips on designing a space with safety in mind. Bathroom - Remodel

Showers and Tubs

If you’re planning to install a new shower or tub as part of your bathroom remodel, then there are several features that you can include to improve the safety of the room. First, select a bathtub or shower that has a non-slip surface etched into the bottom. If you’re planning to use tile to line the shower’s bottom, then be sure to select a variety that is designed for bathroom floors, because these are less slippery than other varieties. Finally, if anyone with mobility issues will be using the bathroom, then installing grab bars and choosing a shower or bathtub that includes seating can greatly increase the comfort and safety that they can enjoy in your new bathroom.


For some individuals, getting on and off of the toilet can be a challenge that leads to dangerous slips and falls. To help keep the room safe and easy to use, consider choosing a comfort-height toilet for your bathroom remodel. These options have seats that sit higher than those of a standard-sized model, and toilets that have a higher seat position can be much easier for some individuals to use comfortably and safely.

Sinks and Faucets

Does anyone in your family use a walker or a wheelchair? If so, then consider including a wall-mounted sink as part of your bathroom remodel. These features have an open area between them and the floor, meaning that plenty of room is left for walkers and wheelchairs. Also, you may want to choose a faucet that uses a single handle, rather than 2, because this type of design can be easier to use for anyone with limited hand or wrist movement.