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How to Utilize a Bedroom Addition

If you have invested in new kitchen cabinets or a bathroom remodel, then you know how beneficial home renovations can be for improving the function and appearance of your home. Room additions can offer similar benefits by expanding your space and making it more versatile. Use the following ideas to find inspiration for your bedroom addition in Santa Clara. game - room

Yoga Room

As people’s lives continue to grow busier, many individuals are looking for ways to spend more time by themselves through meditation and yoga practices. If you only have a small space to work with for your bedroom addition, and you’re interested in enjoying better health of mind and body, then converting it into a yoga and meditation room could be very beneficial for your lifestyle.

Game Room

When done in the right way, a game room can prove to be a stylish addition to your home’s interior. This type of space is ideal for creating an extra area in your home for entertaining guests or keeping your kids and their friends occupied for hours. With a billiards table, dart board, mini basketball hoop, beverage fridge, flat-screen TV, and a pair of stylish sofas, your bedroom addition can end up being a fun and useful area of your home.

Media Room

Also referred to as a viewing room or home theater, media rooms are a great way to make use of an extra bedroom and are growing in popularity. Featuring plenty of comfy seating, cocktail tables, a bar, blackout shades, and a large, flat-screen television, these items are all that is needed to design a media room that will provide years of luxury and entertainment for your family.

Spare Bedroom

Adding on a spare bedroom is an excellent way to improve the function and value of your home and sometimes, a spare bedroom functions best as exactly that: an extra place for sleeping. If you love entertaining and hosting relatives during the holidays, then having a space dedicated to guests is a smart decision.