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Popular Choices for Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, the cabinets that you choose will account for a significant portion of your budget, and will also make a big impact on the room’s overall design. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation near Santa Clara, then consider the following popular cabinet options for home improvement. kitchen - cabinets

Natural Wood

If traditional elegance appeals to you, then think about choosing natural wood for your kitchen cabinets. This material can be found in a range of wood species, each with their own unique graining that can be customized through staining. For a kitchen that feels warm, rich, and cozy, consider natural wood for your cabinets.

Bright Colors

While natural wood can look luxurious and elegant, many homeowners choose to go with brighter colors to make their new kitchen appear lighter, cleaner, and more open. Off-whites, warm creams, and fresh whites are kitchen cabinet colors that can be both modern and classic, and remain a favorite to this day. If a light, simple, and elegant kitchen is what you envision, then consider choosing these bright neutrals for your cabinetry.


Adding built-in furniture is one of the easiest ways to improve the look of your home, and this applies to your kitchen as well. While people typically think of kitchen cabinets as storage that sits above and below the countertops, there is another option; floor-to-ceiling cabinets can highlight the elegance of your new kitchen. Running continuously from the floor up to the ceiling, these units are eye-catching and impressive and can make any kitchen appear bigger and incredibly lavish.

Windowed Cabinets

As a trend that is growing in popularity, windowed cabinets can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen. These structures feature glass panes on their doors rather than simply wood or some other opaque material. Because you can see into the cabinets, they can be a functional choice but, more importantly, they add an extra layer of dimension to your kitchen by giving your cabinets depth.