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Design Advice for Your Room Addition

Room additions near Santa Clara are often a great way to increase a home’s resale value and give homeowners extra space. If you have been considering adding an extra room or scheduling a kitchen remodel, then it is important to plan ahead. The following pieces of advice, such as determining the exact purpose of your room addition, will help ensure that your future project is a success. Here are some crucial pieces of design advice for your future room addition: home - remodel

Consider Its Purpose

Your room addition’s purpose will determine many factors during the design and remodeling process. For example, an additional bathroom or laundry room will require extra plumbing, ventilation, and specific moisture-resistant building materials. A living room addition or in-home office space will need more outlets and available wall space to accommodate different types of furniture and uses than what might be needed in your bedrooms. Determining the purpose behind your room addition will significantly impact the remodeling and design process.

Remember the House Style

You must also remember the layout and style of the rest of your house during the design process of your additional room. For future resale value and consistency, it is necessary to maintain similar design qualities—such as flooring, wall texture, and accents—throughout your house. If your ideal addition would look different from the rest of your house, then consider scheduling a bathroom and kitchen remodel around the same time as your addition. This will allow your renovators to quickly and easily design your house to match.

Examine Available Space

Do not forget that the amount of space you have could dictate certain functions of your additional room. For example, a small amount of available space may not make it ideal to add a living room or large office, but you could settle for a smaller bedroom, laundry room, or bathroom. Your home renovators can help you determine the best use of your available space and how to design it properly to match your needs and style.