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Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips

After your kitchen remodel is complete, you need some simple tricks to keep your new kitchen cabinets organized in Santa Clara. These tricks are not difficult, and you only need a few weeks of consistency to make them a habit. Let’s take a closer look at some easy kitchen cabinet organization ideas.

  • Take everything out of your kitchen cabinets and drawers to get a better look at every spice, ingredient, and utensil you own. Throw out expired and rarely-used items. If you have not used an item in over a year, then there is no need to clutter your kitchen.
  • Group similar items together and create a mental map of your cabinet space. You can better judge how each grouping will fit into a predetermined spot.
  • Purchase containers to store many of your items, such as tea bags or packets of season mixes.
  • Ask your kitchen remodel contractors about special storage inserts, such as the lazy Susan. These extra bits of storage will go a long way toward filling in rarely-used space.

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