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Is The Water Closet Trend Making a Comeback?

Before you embark on a bathroom remodel this summer, it is a great idea to research some of the design trends that are popular with today’s homeowners. One common bathroom remodel feature that is seen in many modern homes is the water closet. A company that offers bathroom remodels near Santa Clara can help you divide up this room into various spaces that are designed for specific purposes. Let’s take a look at some signs that the water closet trend is making a comeback. water - closet

Homeowners Desire More Privacy

Water closets are especially popular in master bathrooms, which are typically shared by spouses. When you include a water closet in the layout of your master bathroom, you will be able to use the toilet without disrupting your partner when he or she is getting ready. If you desire increased privacy in this space because you share it with your husband or wife, a water closet installation may be perfectly suited to your needs.

Families Are Concerned About Being Sanitary

A water closet can also help your bathroom remain more sanitary, especially if it is used by several family members. When your bathroom designer creates a water closet for this space, he will make a special room that is solely designed for using the toilet. To make your bathroom even more sanitary, you may want to include a separate sink in your newly installed water closet.

Designers Are Getting Creative with Bathroom Layouts

When you choose to incorporate a water closet in your newly renovated bathroom, you will be provided with a fantastic opportunity to divide up your space in a unique way. Your water closet can be finished with glass walls, tile, or other unique enclosure materials that bring visual appeal to your bathroom. As you are consulting with your renovation team about your upcoming bathroom remodel, be sure to ask whether a water closet would be an appropriate addition to your space.