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Tips for Designing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are among the best ways to increase your home’s value and create better function and comfort for your family. If you’re preparing for bathroom remodeling near Santa Clara, and you need a space that accommodates both children and adults, then continue reading for tips on designing a kid-friendly bathroom. kid - bathroom

Look for Versatile Fixtures

Choosing the right fixtures for your shower and bathtub is important for this type of renovation. Look for showerheads that can be repositioned and consider installing a handheld sprayer to simplify bath time and make it easier to clean the shower stall or tub. Also, to help protect your children from burns, install anti-scald devices on your showerheads and faucets. Finally, ensure that the shower or tub bottom has an anti-slip surface.

Install a Standard Vanity

While it may seem counterintuitive, it’s a good idea to choose a standard-sized bathroom vanity for your remodel. Kids grow up quickly, and before you know it, they will wish they had a taller vanity to use. Also, passing over a child-sized vanity helps you get the most out of your investment by ensuring that the space is accommodating for both adults and children. While your kids are young, keep a small footstool in your bathroom so they can reach the sink with ease.

Choose a Standard Toilet

Like with the vanity, you may find yourself considering child-sized toilets for your bathroom remodel. However, these fixtures are impractical in the long-term. Also, comfort-height toilets should be avoided because they are too tall for children. Instead, opt for a standard-height toilet when designing a bathroom that will be used by children.

Select a Durable Countertop

When it comes to bathroom remodels that are kid-friendly, it’s important to consider the resilience and maintenance requirements of the countertop material. Look for an option that is resistant to chips, stains, and scratches, and that is unlikely to be damaged by any spills that may occur. Many designers recommend quartz for durable and low-maintenance bathroom countertops.