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Answering Common Questions About Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to home improvement projects, updating a bathroom can be among the most satisfying and beneficial. If you’re getting geared up for bathroom renovations in Santa Clara, then read on to learn answers to your questions about bathroom remodels. bathroom - remodeling

What are some smart changes to make in my bathroom?

Today, many homeowners are choosing to include a bath-to-shower conversion as part of their bathroom remodel. Bathtubs can be luxurious and highly valued when used frequently. However, many people don’t use their bathtubs too often. Converting an underutilized bathtub into a shower offers you a way to make more space in your bathroom or to have a walk-in shower installed.

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

The length of the project depends greatly on the extent of the remodel. Also, unforeseen problems like damaged plumbing or mold growth can delay the project while problems like these are addressed.

Can I rearrange the floorplan of my bathroom?

Yes, and sometimes this is recommended as some bathroom floorplans are impractical and waste space. However, it’s critical to work out all the details in advance to determine if your plumbing will support the layout that you would like. As you work on the design, consider showing off what will be the focal point of the space, choosing a location for the mirror that will make the most of the room’s natural light, and increasing or reducing the amount of storage that you have so it accommodates your family’s needs.

What are important considerations for a bathroom remodel?

It’s smart to think of a renovation of your bathroom in the same way you would any other area of your home. You want to get the most benefit out of the project and your investment, so it’s critical to consider every change you may want to make, before getting started. Experts advise homeowners to consider things like new lighting, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, updated window treatments, and new flooring when planning a bathroom remodel.