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Kitchen Remodeling: Making the Most of a Small Space

If your home has a smaller kitchen, you should not feel limited during your kitchen remodel. In fact, smart kitchen remodeling services can help you transform your cramped space into a functional, useful room that is the centerpiece of your home’s living area. A contractor that offers kitchen remodels near Santa Clara will be able to help you choose which kitchen remodel ideas will fit best in your smaller space. To help you make the most of your upcoming kitchen remodel project, here are some ideas for renovating kitchens that have smaller floor plans. kitchen - remodel

Create a Functional Design

While it may be tempting to create a kitchen that serves many purposes for your family, it may be wise to ensure that your smaller kitchen is primarily focused on your cooking and meal prep. By taking the multitasking element out of your kitchen design, you can create a highly functional space that allows you to cook meals with ease. With a dedicated workspace, you may find that you have a more enjoyable time when you cook for your family

Consider an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are hallmarks of many of today’s kitchen designs. As you are renovating your smaller kitchen, you may want to consider opening its floor plan up so that it is connected to your dining room, living room, or other interior spaces. With an open kitchen design, you can make your smaller kitchen feel and appear much bigger than it really is.

Choose Premium Materials

As you are remodeling a smaller kitchen, it is a terrific idea to splurge on higher-end appliances and finishes. Top quality granite countertops, for example, will add sophistication and utility to your newly renovated kitchen. Since your space is smaller, you will find that purchasing premium materials is more within your budgetary reach. Top-quality materials, such as subway tile or marble, will also provide your smaller kitchen with a more attractive overall appearance.